Welcome to the Science of Reading Info website.

This website was created to organize information shared on the Facebook group Science of Reading-What I Should Have Learned in College. As educators, specialists, and parents have joined the Facebook page to gain knowledge on the science of reading, a community has been created. This knowledgeable community shares resources and experiences on the science of reading and implementation in schools and at home. It is my hope to provide you with as many resources available worldwide in order to improve literacy outcomes for all. This website is fluid and will be updated frequently.

This website has twenty categories, on Topics 1-4. A specific entry may appear in more than one category. To access information, go to the category and click on the link. You will then have a list of resources that you can download. If you are just beginning your look at the Science of Reading, be sure to start at the "For Beginners" tab.

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Donna Schultz Hejtmanek

The “Science of Reading” is a body of basic research in developmental psychology, educational psychology, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience on reading, one of the most complex human behaviors, and its biological (neural, genetic) bases. This research has been conducted for decades in the US and around the world. The research has important implications for helping children to succeed, but it has not been incorporated in how teachers are trained for the job or how children are taught.

Dr. Mark Seidenberg