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Instruction That Can Change the Brain: Building Neural Pathways for Skilled Reading

Can a teacher be a brain surgeon in her own classroom? The science of reading is deep, and gives us many answers that can help us be more effective teachers. That science also demonstrates that it is OUR instruction that can make a difference. The type of instruction, and the number of opportunities for meaningful repetition and frequent distributed practice are critical to building pathways in a reader’s brain that build orthographic mapping and results in automaticity that allows readers to read “as if by sight.” Ultimately our instruction can give students the time and space to comprehend, think about what they are reading and as important moments to reflect on their unique thoughts.

Students who struggle to learn to read need many more opportunities for practice than typical readers in order to master individual reading skills. This can become grueling for them. As a teacher you can ease this burden by making those repetitions more engaging. While you will not need your mask and gloves for the brain surgery you will learn to perform in these sessions, you will learn strategies that are powerful, whimsical and meaningful, while also remaining engaging. These sessions will prepare you to understand WHY and HOW classroom activities can change the brain, as they build neuronal pathways that will lead to automaticity and comprehension, opening the door to a lifetime of reading enjoyment.

Join us for this 3 session event on October 6, 13, and 20, 2021, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM Central Time. The cost for all three sessions is $25.


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