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Learn Self-Regulated Strategy Development

SRSD is an evidence-based framework for teaching close reading and writing, including sentence and vocabulary level skills. It teaches students how to take themselves through the writing process independently and equips them with the necessary skills and strategies to become self-regulated, successful writers.

Through carefully analyzing peer-written exemplars and published mentor texts, SRSD exposes learners to the features of effective writing at the outset and all through the year. Explicit instruction prepares students to incorporate these features into their own pieces. They learn key strategies and solidify their skills through: collaborative writes, self/peer feedback and embedded deliberate practice of sentence level skills. To facilitate a gradual release, teachers model writing, offer scaffolds and support ongoing goal setting. The end result? Confident, joyful and effective writers. SRSD is the only writing approach that meets ESSA's highest tier of evidence.

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June 29th and 30th, 2022

8:30am-3:00pm Eastern Time

Cost $399.00 for the entire two-day session. This is a hands-on, interactive personalized learning experience. Registration closes at midnight on June 19th, so register now. 

Registrants will receive an instructional manual by mail.

Attending synchronously is required, due to the interactive nature of the instruction; the classes will NOT be recorded.

Partial scholarships of $75.00 will be awarded to those registrants that demonstrate need and have completed the course. Reimbursement will be made through PayPal. More information on the scholarships is available here.


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