Professional Development/Webinars/Videos

This section is dedicated to professional development (PD) on the science of reading. Some of the PD is long-term and provided through on site coaching or online PD. Other PD opportunities are through webinars or videos. Understanding how the science of reading impacts learning and teaching is invaluable information for professionals.

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“In childhood, he declared, the word-rich get richer and the word-poor get poorer, a phenomenon he called the “Matthew Effect” after a passage in the New Testament. There is also a Matthew-Emerson Effect for background knowledge: those who have read widely and well will have many resources to apply to what they read; those who do not will have less to bring, which, in turn, gives them less basis for inference, deduction, and analogical thought and makes them ripe for falling prey to unadjudicated information, whether fake news or complete fabrications. Our young will not know what they do not know. Others, too. Without sufficient background”

Dr. Maryanne Wolf