The Science of Reading


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"The body of work referred to as the “science of reading” is not an ideology, a philosophy, a political agenda, a one-size-fits-all approach, a program of instruction, nor a specific component of instruction. It is the emerging consensus from many related disciplines, based on literally thousands of studies, supported by hundreds of millions of research dollars, conducted across the world in many languages. These studies have revealed a great deal about how we learn to read, what goes wrong when students don’t learn, and what kind of instruction is most likely to work the best for the most students."

-Dr. Louisa Moats

Learning the Science of Reading doesn’t just happen after reading a book, taking a course, or watching a webinar. Learning the Science of Reading is a process just like learning to play an instrument, learning to drive, or learning a new language. It takes time to assimilate the information into your practice. Think back to your first few years as a teacher. You had to learn how to teach, organize your classroom, and manage your classroom. It was like the circus act of keeping all the plates spinning without them falling. This journey may be difficult and long, but I promise you it will be a professional game changer.